The world revolves around the Palestinians – and it has got to stop

Source: The world revolves around the Palestinians – and it has got to stop

\\\ This is an excellent point, of central importance to the whole human race! It is vital to the survival & social progress of all of us in our social totality! The one vital central point, I will add, is I really think we stick our collective feet, in our mouths, all the times we say, the redundant term, that sounds like Palestine-ian! It is an accidental, harmless redundant term from a chain of translating from Philest(ia) the Hebrew for Philistine country or Philistine environs! So now the world has become accustomed to this redundant term, akin to it’s root word, Philistine-ian, now applied as Palestine-ian! It did not matter, until the new kinds of state- centralized social identities of modern socialism! These new rootless non social identities, are in the process of destroying real life social identities! Socialism’s state centralized mindset, is just plain, artificially fabricating, false social identities! Socialism itself, kills actual social identity, rooted in social living! So, back to the point, Palestine-ian is artificial! But PalestineArab is a real outgrowth of Arabist empire expansion! There was only one ethnic Arab nation, before Arabist empire conquests, out side the real PeninsulaArab homeland of the ethnic Arab nation! The original PeninsulaArab nation, was the only actual Arab nation! Anybody else, was called a guest Arab, but not a PalestineArab , SyrianArab or EgyptianArab! Arabs were guests heirs, with roots from PeninsulaArab heritage! We did not have to call Arabs from Arabia, PeninsulaArabs! Arabian Arabs were obviously the Arabs from the only real Arab homeland, called Arabia! PeninsulaArab identity, is the patrilineal Arab identity of all self described ethnic Arabs, all across the whole world! Now we face a clash of Socialism’s state framed, non social identity! These state framed identities include the brand new PalestineArab identity! The whole world, have been stuck, in these state framed, state defined social worlds! This thing we call nation states are falsely molded by the artificial state frameworks of post World War Two, countries! We were reacting to the factions of European empires over enthusiastic mission of civilization! We forget, or never learned, due to Socialism’s anti Western ,anti social mindset, the meaning of Western social identity! The first old PeninsulaArab dad’s identities, are the patrilineal great grand dads of PalestineArab identies! Arabist empire invading of JudaeanHebrew,Zion,Israel, created PalestineArab identity! There is no such creature as Palestine-ian, except in our imaginations! There are PalestineArab sons of PeninsulaArab natives of their original PeninsulaArab homeland, called the Arabian Peninsula! But Palestine-ian is not only redundant, but hides the nature PeninsulaArab rooted PalestineArab invaders over JudaeanHebrew,Zion,Israel!

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