The Political Thought of William F. Buckley Jr: Standing Athwart History

In the mid-1950s, the danger of an ever-expanding state was clear, but conservatives could not agree on an appropriate response, including whether the greater danger lay at home or abroad. The three main branches of conservatism—traditional conservatives appalled by secular mass society, libertarians repelled by the Leviathan state, and ex-Leftists alarmed by international Communism led by the Soviet Union—remained divided. Noting that “The few spasmodic victories conservatives are winning are aimless, uncoordinated, and inconclusive…because many years have gone by since the philosophy of freedom has been expounded systematically, brilliantly, and resourcefully,” William F. Buckley Jr. resolved to change that. His vision of ordered liberty shaped and guided American conservatism from its infancy to its maturity, from a cramped suite of offices on Manhattan’s East Side to the Oval Office of the White House, from a set of “irritable mental gestures” to a political force that transformed American politics.

Source: The Political Thought of William F. Buckley Jr: Standing Athwart History

Although this article is especially targeted, on the Communist threat, it is relevant to the special anti social forces of 2015 now! It shows the dynamic progress of ideas in action! One example, not directly cited in this paper, but akin to the spirit of this paper’s central ideas, is college mid east teachers! Saudi Aramco, the nationalized Saudi oil company, published a list of Arab USA accomplished individuals! The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee ,Mid east Historian, Dr. Abbas Hamdani,is the USA’s mid east featured professor ,in this Aramco list! Dr. Hamdani’s teachings are the local, ethnocentric Arabist version of this anti liberal, anti social teaching, this article talks about!This helps fill in the empty margins of hollow brain space, we filled with the drug of Progressive state idols! We have become hallucinaddicts of the state’s insider industrial complex & it’s manufactured illusions! But this is not that kind of illusion, painted by the “Progressive” merchants of their intellectual fat headed, supremacy over our public market social mind set! So we have been sold the images of College & University teachers, as the leaders of social intelligence! But this synopsis of our social conservatory, is more of a teaser for those of us, starved for social truth! This covers the contrast between the conservatory of classical liberal individualist & traditional cultures, on the one hand, compared to Progressive liberals’ love affairs with Communism! But the reigns of terror, the old Whig liberal, Edmund Burke was conserving our social world from, is now rearing it’s anti social head again! But now, the irregularity of our social leaders’ mistaken judgments, is exemplified in our all consuming ignorance, regarding Nazi Arabism! This was the fruit of Communist & Nazi collaborating with racist Arabism! It is in it’s totality, still active in our colleges, along side “Progressive” brand schools of teachings! The brainwashing of both Communist & Nazi teachings, was now combined into a future PalestineArab centric force! The new lineage of Arabist empire colonies, are called states, in our current terminology! Sirhan Sirhan, was part of the 1960s Communist inspired PalestineArab radical movement! These were the big brothers of 2015 PalestineArab militants! Both the PalestineArab radicals of the 1960s,as well as the 2015 PalestineArab militants, are brainwashed to hate the western social world! Communist teachings were not in their totality, all controlled from one central office! It was also the same thing, that was true of racist Arabism! Nazi Arabism formed an axis with Fascist Italy & Germany! PalestineArab Nazis, did centralize that axis pact, under one single political capital of PalestineArab Higher Committee control! This PalestineArab Party, eliminated the rival moderate PalestineArab national party! The Nazi axis , PalestineArab elites, are painted today, as moderates, in the colleges & universities of the west! Our University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, mid east Historian, Dr. Abbas Hamdani, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, over decades! He taught the very material, that animated Sirhan Sirhan, the killer of Robert Kennedy! We are paying tax dollars to promote Nazi & Communist fusion with Arabism! I am borrowing this term, fusion,from this article’s term for the social fusion of classical liberal individualism with traditional culture! I use the example of University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Mid east Historian, Dr. Abbas Hamdani! This tax funded university professor of mi east history, is a central example of the hate speech, hidden in social science! Sirhan Sirhan’s social kin, are the radicals & militants, attacking Darfur Africans, Berbers EgyptiCoptics, Kurds, Aramaic-Assyrians & Jews alike!

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