Saudi Aramco World : The Arab Americans

Source: Saudi Aramco World : The Arab Americans

The Wisconsin individual USA Arab, is UW-Milwaukee mid east historian, Abbas Hamdani! Dr. Hamdani does not ever, connect the dots, from his job, as the representative Arabist empire broker, to the 20th-21st century Arabist empire commonwealth! He never connects the dots, between PalestineArab & SudanArab, occupation over pre Arabist empire, Darfur & Israel! Dr. Hamdani, instead, teaches that Israel is an outsider invading colonial occupier over native first nation, PalestineArab environs! Dr. Hamdani, does not connect SudanArab occupation over Africa to PalestineArab colonial occupation over Israel! Dr. Hamdani, does not teach anything about Arabism’s empire today! Dr. Hamdani teach the opposite of the simple truth, that Darfur,Sudan & Judaean,Israel are both occupied by Arabism’s empire of colonial states!

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