The Muhtasib as Guardian of Public Morality in the Medieval Islamic City Hamdani 2010 Digest of Middle East Studies Wiley Online Library

Source: The Muhtasib as Guardian of Public Morality in the Medieval Islamic City Hamdani 2010 Digest of Middle East Studies Wiley Online Library

\ This essay, is an example of the “Best selling usage of honey, instead of vinegar”, practice! This is body of moderate looking civil social practices! But, if students or taxpayers, choose to dig deeper, into the general teachings, in the totality of this mid east story, we will find an unfair critique of all outsiders! This paper shows a very civil social mind-set of the public market social regulating institutions , under Arabist empire rulers! But this school of teachings, makes the Arabist empire insiders, appear hospitable, as compared with the outsiders from France & Britain! In contrast, this Mid east history teacher, like his school of “Progressive” “Social Justice” allies, would paint a paternalistic picture of the British & French, attempting the same civil social regulations, for all practical purposes! But these “Progressive”, Democratic Socialist, Social Justice” teachers, are not ever, at the forefront of examining Arabist empire colonial intervention! These “Progressive Social Justice” teachers, do critique Arabism’s interventions, from that same kind of a perspective of critiques of British, French & now USA “intervention”! The western powers’ interventions, are not ever painted, in these glowing terms, like these market interventions of the “Progressive, Social Justice” intellectual insiders’ teaching cartels, at tax payers’ expense! Meanwhile, these “Progressive” brand, schools of “Social Justice”, never study the “Comprehensive”, Arabist empire interventions! Arabist empire colonial interventions are taken for granted! Thus, “Progressive, Social Justice”, teachers’ cartels, do not touch the nature of Arabist empire interventions, into & over the ethnic “First Nations”, native indigenous, ethnic nations of Africa & S. W. Asiatic-mid east environs! These mid east nations, like Darfur, Berber environs, EgyptiCoptic, Kurdistan, Aramaic Assyria, are invaded by & occupied by Arabist empire colonialism’s PATRIARCHAL, PATERNALIST, PATRILINEAL RACISM! No kind of actual tolerant PalestineArab defenders of the nation of Israel, are painted! However, we are given this pretty picture of Arabist empire honey, instead of Arabist empire racism’s interventionist vinegar!

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