“Unsilencing Pakistan” and the ongoing “intellecticide”

This article presumes Pakistan’s legit occupation over Balochistan, carved out of Iran & India! This self described “Progressive” Scholars’ list, endorsing this article, includes one UW-Milwaukee, mid east historian, Abbas Hamdani! Professor Abbas Hamdani, does not critique the assumed legitimacy of Pakistan’s occupation, over Balochistan! Professor Abbas Hamdaini’s assumed Pakistan rights to occupy Balochistan, are not even questioned, by this alleged “Progressive” scholars’ list! This reflects “Progressive” Arab empire centric State-ism! This Arabist empire state-ism, occupies 99% of all official college & university Mid East Scholarship,accross the human race! This tax & Oil corporate Arabist empire elite’s cartel, monopolizes discourses, over all intellectual, open minded questioning of Arabist empire state-ism!

Source: “Unsilencing Pakistan” and the ongoing “intellecticide”

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