The state’s job is defending SocialLifeChoice We can…

The state’s job is defending SocialLifeChoice! We can take out the baby with no damage to mom, so we must be able to transplant the baby to the outer social environs! This must not be required of moms! No baby windpipe, has a life breath, animating a baby, till that baby is born, given their own life breath, in their own windpipe! We do have leftist demons, occupying Progressive heads, with anti human race, and anti individualist voices! We have demons on the right, haunting heads, blocked by images of killing innocent baby humans!, sees the clearly simple facts! The baby body, is functioning before birth, as the Pro-Life folks say! THE BABY BRAIN and Heart, DO FUNCTION ALSO,IN ALL BUT ONE WAY, LITTERALLY VITAL TO ALL THE BABY VITAL SIGNS! THE BABY DOES NOT BREATH, TILL MOM GIVES BIRTH! THE BABY THEN TAKES A FIRST LIFE BREATH, INTO…

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