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A mother’s life breath animates her baby until she gives birth. This does not mean her baby is not alive.It does mean her baby is not able to animate it’s own body untill it is given birth.So this also goes hand in hand with the meaning of life breath in words like spirit,soul,psyche,animation and pneuma,as in wind or all the above.Some examples are pneumatology,the study of the soul,psyche,and inspiration.So for example we say we are winded,out of breath or uninspired and un motivated.This is in contrast to catching our breath,taking a breather,getting our second wind,getting psyched and inspied.A pneumatometer or animometer check wind or breathing strenth or power.All these are simple ideas revolving around wind ,breath, going with spirit and psyche, individually distinguishable at birth.Our first life breath is our first individual vital wind  not animated into us by our mother.All the body processes worked well enough to catch our first…

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