Progressive brand political mercantile insiders cartels are…

“Progressive” brand political, mercantile insiders cartels, are rooted in the pre World War One, Prussian empire idolizing of the German social elites’ intelligence, embodied in their German empire’s leading minds! This intelligence elite, was the embodiment of scientific social planning! The German empire in Africa, was an anti social rival to the Arabist slave masters’ empire of the OmaniZanzibar sultanate of the Arabian Sea! The pre WWI German empire was not considered much better than the Arab sultan’s slave empire! This is reflective of the Prussian German demeaning policy against Polish country occupied by German empire states! This intellectual elitist German socialism, was the root cause of the Great War, called the First World War or World War One, WW I . The conventional “Progressive” claim of mutual world power rivalry & moral equivalence of all warring countries of WW I, is false! All were not fighting for European dominion…

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