Ismaili Heroes – Jaffer bin Mansur al Yaman – note007

Wisconsin prides itself as a central leadership position of “Progressive” intellectual capital of the USA! University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, paid Nazi Arabism’s apologist,this Mid east North African professor! He elegantly covered up, racist Arabism’s empire of colonial occupation over north Africa & the mid east!

Ismaili Heroes – Jaffer bin Mansur al Yaman – note007

via Ismaili Heroes – Jaffer bin Mansur al Yaman – note007.

This is one of a series of articles describing some Arab Empire leaders of shifting states & provinces in & around the crosssections of Red Sea & Arabian Sea realms!The author,the Prof Abbas Hamdani,gives detailed coverage of middle ages Arab Empire!He does not connect today’s Arab Empire out growths to Arab Empire roots!We need to have clarity of the under currents,below the radar on the Arab Empire street!This Arab Empire street is not loyal to any of the many particular trends of intelligence elites! Arab Empire elites are ruling the Arab Empire outgrowths,expanding & invading around the AfricanAsian Mediterranean & Red Sea countries! Prof.Abbas Hamdani never shows any sensitivity to native cultures conquered by Arab Empire invaders!DrAbbas Hamdani embodies the common fault of imperialist invaders he is good…

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