An Individual pregnant woman’s windpipe, is her private property, not a movable chattel object, but her’s, like O2 has the properties of water!

The pregnant mom, has her own windpipe! Her own vital wind animates her own pneumatology &  respiratory processes! She does not share her individual vital windpipe’s life breath, with any body else, except if she gives mouth to mouth respiration! In pregnancy, she uses her own windpipe, to animate her own body plus HER BABY’s BODY,IN SIDE HER OWN BODY,ANIMATED BY HER PNEUMATOLOGY! Pneumatology is her individual spirit, soul, psyche, & all akin to these root words! Inspiring is both a spiritual & getting psyched up, process, as well as the physical act of breathing in! Breathing out of the woman’s windpipe, means expiration! Expired is dead! So individual life breath is person’s, one individual soul’s, pneumatologic animating process! Babies do not take their own life breaths, into babies’ own wind pipes, till babies are given birth, period! Now is there a good reason “Progressives” never touch these issues? Could the answer be “Progressives”…

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