The whole world was blessed by the few…

The whole world was blessed by the few actual Old Whig, classical liberal arts professionals, let free from the bigotry of militant Progressive radicals! Some are still free, like the Clint Eastwoods of the performing arts social worlds! I was blessed with practical proximity to 2nd &/or 3rd language speaking individuals! Mideast social individuals, are like all else! Mideast folks are like all folks getting enslaved first & foremost by those we trust most, those closest to us!! But the folks we trust most, from anybody else, outside our closest ethnic kin, may just be those we can really trust most! Anybody else, from inside or outside our social worlds, can get us thinking their monopoly over us, is for our own good! Usually those telling anybody else, their regulating their neighbors’ lives, is for those regulated neighbors’, own good, are exposing their own disrespect for those they regulate! But…

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