The Arabist empire state is doing a number…

The Arabist empire state, is doing a number on civil social Islam! This is obscured by State-ism, state-idolatry, state-olotry, etatolotry or etatism! Etat was used for old school liberal arts & social science! Old school social life required this terminology, when French was the civil social, world language of diplomacy, trade, science & civilization, for the whole human race! Etat is from the French term akin to the English word for State! It is akin to estate in it’s deeper linguistic root origins! So, the Arabist empire state, is the actual identity of the falsely termed Islamic State or Islamic Caliphate! The Caliphate is used by friend & foe alike, to refer to the Arabist empire’s patrilineal inheritors of the first Arabist empire from Arabia! The ethnic Arabian home country ,is in the late 20th-early 21st century, so far, occupied by the Saudi clan, warlords! The Arabist empire state, is…

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