PalestineArab ethnic culture has both social & anti…

Social VS anti social PalestineArab ethnic culture!

PalestineArab ethnic culture, has both social & anti social individuals, acting in mutual harmony, or blocking JudaeanHebrews! Both ethnic cultures have anti social individuals populating their respective social worlds! Both communities contain civil social individuals & uncivil & anti social individuals in their respective social worlds!! Civil social individuals, are folks acting as they preach, on mutual respect of all, for all,of individual social humanity! Individual Civil social PalestineArabs, are doing all they can, to protect the cultural & individual social symbiosis, with private property, rights of both PalestineArabs as well as JudaeanHebrews! This mutual civil social symbiosis, is done to protect private property values! Private property value,is the reflection of environs value, that is akin to neighborhood value! Some individual PalestineArabs, are easier to live with, for mutual social life with JudaeanHebrews than both ethnic groups’ own kin are to their own kin!

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