On the Experience of the Palestinian Liberation Organization

PalestineArab is not Palestinian any more than Philistine is Philistinian!


On the Experience of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

This web site calls itself PalestineChronicle, not PalestinianChronicle? Is there any reason, elsewise than deliberate mixing up the reading public, for not making use of the terms PalestineArab and Palestine Liberation Organization, instead of Palestinian Liberation Organization, or Palestinian? If this website did not get the language efficiency, of computer web rooted, one word spelling ,I would have one less reason, to think they are deliberately obfuscating the PalestineArab identity! Any reason elsewise for the authors’ or editors’ use of the term Palestinian, as in their actual use of the WRONG TERM, FOR THE PLO, IN THE ARTICLE’S TITLE! Palestine is like Philistine! They both have some uses in common! The vitals are lost, on most readers ,not particularly interested in the fine points of identity terminology of PalestineArab VS Palestinian! So the author can shorten the titles of the webpage…

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