I give Pres Obama the benefit of the…


I give Pres.Obama the benefit of the question! So I do not feel so obliged to bestow the same blessings to the anti social fast CHANGE artists surrounding Pres.Obama! Again ,I will through down field my play for Pres. John F. Kennedy’s economic social dynamics! JFK was killed before seeing it through! But Pres.Johnson signed into law, the Great Social progress dynamic, known as the Great Society! The great social dynamic law was that reducing tax rates raises tax revenues! Letting tax payers save, invest or spend on their own human capital needs, is more of a direct line to all else than sending it through the state, as middle man! No way can anybody else think for you in everyway at all times! Yes we all need help thinking through our diverse issues! But no political insiders are able to outsmart the social totality of the public market social…

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