Governments’ legit civil social works include defense of…

Governments’ legit civil social works, include defense of the condo, village, neighborhood association &/or municipal corporate body! The Anglo-American division of labour, of the 3 branches of government, includes the municipal corporate mediation &/or arbitration work! The 3rd division of the municipal corporate body, is the shareholders stock,public market constituents’ deliberation body, called common councils, These are the microcosm of the working divisions of all political, civil, bourgeois social bodies! All corporate bodies, including municipal corporations labour unions, civil social bodies &/or inter-communal trade companies, are rooted in some concentric investment in these social frameworks! It needs demystifying, from Mt. Olympus! Governments are not angels or devils! Governments are community defense corporate bodies! In cooperation with the executive/administrative branch,are the two complimentary divisions of government, are the arbitrating/mediating & common council, representing the municipal corporate SHAREHOLDING CONSTITUENT PROPERTY HOLDERS! This is the micro division of the great social bodies of…

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