At least Ron Paul’s pacifism is consistent at…

At least Ron Paul’s pacifism is consistent at home & abroad! I may think some libertarian party types are hippy dippy peaceniks! Maybe the Ron Paul school of libertarians are all open to racist invisible empires of Arabist kaliphate kamikaze klans! But Progressives & socialists are all about following the socialist ban on opposing Hitler ,cause of his partnership with Stalin, till Hitler attacked Russia! But Progressives & socialists wage CLASS WAR DOMESTICALLY,ACCROSS THE TOTALITY OF THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE IN ALL COUNTRIES! IS THAT A REASON THEY WERE CALLED TOTALITARIANS? Are all Socialists are anti social? Progressives & Socialists wage an anti social campaign of class war lies about the alternative SOCIAL IDEAS,COMPETING WITH THE STATE MONOPOLY OBER SOCIAL LIFE SOCIALISM TRADES on! Such hypocritical fake peace activism by progressives & socialist anti social political mercantilists, needs to be exposed to the light of day!

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