Arabizing Arabization Arabist assimilation & Arabist cultural supremacy…

Arabist empire VS Islam

Arabizing, Arabization, Arabist assimilation & Arabist cultural, supremacy, are the root ideas, animating militant Islam & radical Muslims! Islamic militant Muslim Arabs, contrast sharply with moderate Islam, animating Kurdish Muslim non Arabs, Darfur Muslim non Arabs, Nubian Muslim non Arabs & Berber Muslim non Arabs! Nobody else talks of this contrast! I speculate it is because the vast majority of Muslim non Arabs, live their lives comparable to most western Christians! Like most Christian folks in most western countries, moderate Muslims are just quiet folks, not interested in Islamic politics! This private Islam, is a great social distinction of most Muslim non Arabs! But then, there are those self professed Missionary Muslims! These Muslims with a mission, are best understood as the spiritual kin to the Ku Klux Klan & Neo-Nazi Christian Identity & KKK-Neo-Nazi Christian Nationalist movement! Muslim nationalists are actually Arabist empire state, militant radicals! The adopting of…

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