Life Begins at Conception NOT at First Breath!

Delight in Truth

In another example of apostatic theological interpretation, the prominent and progressive group “the Christian Left” has just used the Bible to endorse abortion in all its forms starting with elective first trimester curettage, all the way to the horrific partial birth abortions!  Unbelievable!  This is the counterfeit church practicing counterfeit christianity!

As if endorsing open homosexuality, gay marriage, ordination of gay ministers, legalization of drugs such as marijuana was not enough for their altar of idolatry, these so-called progressive christians had to endorse the modern-day Holocaust, the murderous spirit of Herod the Great and of Cain, known as abortion.

This is the theological basis of their false argument:  life begins with the first breath… therefore an unborn baby is not alive!  It is stunning to see how Satan has blinded these people.  Here is the Scripture they quote to support the position that life begins only after birth when the baby…

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