Worst case scenario does somebody else out there…

This is the Obama-care architect. Jonathan Gruber’s, Progressive elites’ monopoly, in action!His insiders cartel own the tax funded school cartel! Gruber’s elites are the cause of the USAmeericans being in the state of education he so explicitly called stupid! It is OK, to be in the current state he called stupid? Then the manifesto of worst case scenario, formative years, monopolized by tax funding monopoly VS School Choice, “The Bell Curve”, stands out against Gruber’s demeaning insult! manefesto


Worst case scenario, does somebody else, out there, reading this, think anybody is born a nuclear physicist? I mean to ask, does everybody else besides me agree, that a new born baby, future nuclear physicist, no matter what their genes, must still get schooled!?That is, regardless of our individual genetic properties! Our individual genetics, does not give us 100 % of our fully developed mental progress, at birth! Our intelligence progress, is some combined mix of our cultivating our inborn capacities! Until we exercise our minds, our skills in developing our logical mental properties, as individuals, will not blossom, to our full potential! No new born babe, come out speaking like Einstein! So our “Progressive” brand economics & general social science advisors, whole reason for existing, has been the “Progressive” claim of “Progressives opposing, monopoly insiders’ cartels, over public markets! But, somehow Progressives claim their human capital, sweat shops, are…

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