Arabism = Racism!

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Uruba – unsuriyyah
The wild racist
virus on a vicious campaign of burning all non-Arab ethnicities down, main
victims include:

Kurds, Jews, Berbers, Persians, Assyrians, Copts, Asians, Africans.

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Keywords: GeneralArabism & IslamismNasser
Saddam HusseinSudanArabists’ influenceAfricans
Israel, Jews“Palestine” – ApartheidKurdsBaathismSyriaAssyriansMaronite
Persians, IranLibya, Qaddafi (Ghadafi /Gadaffi)Berbers
CaucasiansAsiansAl-AkhdamNubiansTerrorRacializing counter terrorismIntra-Arab racismSlavery

Arabism Equals Racism
Some things change, others never will – such as the acceptance of anyone else’s political rights in a multi-ethnic region that most Arabs see exclusively as “purely Arab patrimony.” That’s the Arab-Israel conflict…

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